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Now the beautiful ship Ellen af Harstena is driven by fossil free fuel.
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Now it's possible to book accommodation online on the islands Harstena and Ämtö.
Accommodation on Harstena
Accommodation on Ämtö

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Island hopping amongst Östergötland’s islands and islets

With daily boat tours, from 19 June to 25 August, island hopping among the beautiful islands of the Arkösund, St Anna and Gryt archipelagos is so easy and enjoyable. Visit the beautiful islands of Kopparholmarna, Ämtö and Harstena – and maybe learn how to pronounce their names!

Experience the archipelago with its wonderful and exclusive faun and flora, enjoy swimming in the bright blue waters of the sea and lay on the rocks to be dried by the warm winds and the sun.

Climb aboard at either Arkösund, Tyrslöt or Fyrudden as all boats call at these ports. See map and timetable. Accommodation is also available on a number of islands along the route. But if you prefer, day trips around the islands are also available.

Welcome aboard!