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Red Line

Jetty on Harstena


Arkösund is a summer idyll and the gateway to many of the islands. It offers the visitor all manner of services, including guest harbour, camping, swimming areas, restaurants, pub, hotel, shops, chemist, parking facilities, bus 440, boat and car station and much more. During the summer months an open air theatre offers entertainment and there is also handicraft shops, ice cream parlour and two sailing clubs which arrange tournaments and competitions throughout the summer.
Cultural walks with information on the best views as well as cultural and historical facts about the region and Arkösund in particular.
Open-air theatre
Arkösund Mini Golf
Marie Söderholms Krukmakteri, Söderköping – Pottery
Handircraft shops in Arkösund – offer a diverse array of local, handmade products as well as home furnishings, clothes, freshly baked bread, bits and pieces for the boat, fishing tackle and local art work.

Tyrislöt/Norra Finnö

This island is easily visited by boat, car or bus and is connected to the mainland by the bridge at Lagnöströmmen. It is a popular leisure area with many holiday facilities including swimming, accommodation, camping, shops, sweet shop, café, parking, pub, local smoked fish, toilet facilities, petrol station, Bus 452, 453 (450, 459).

Activities: Kayak and boat rental Phone +46 (0)121-52027
Skärgårds Museum, Tyrislöt. Guided tours (prebooking required)
Phone +46 (0)121-52029
Entertainment on certain evenings at Skärgårdens Camping.
Phone +46 (0)121-52021, +46 (0)121-50121
pensionat i genuin miljö. S:t Anna skärgårdsmuseum in Tyrislöt is open daily june-august.


With a rich fauna with everything from lush oak meadows to cowslip and orchids this is a nice island to visit, Gräsmarö is one of the few islands in this part of the archipelago which still has an active farm with grazing animals. Fine cliffs for bading. The island also has small sandy coves.


Man has lived on this island since 1543. The island is famous for its well- preserved community where the islanders made their living from seal culling. Nowadays the visitor can enjoy the locally smoked fish, overnight facilities, a bakery, a restaurant and if the weather allows, light refreshments outdoors. The island is very popular with leisure craft. Tel Nr +46 (0)123-420 50